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ภาษาภาพพจน์ในสุนทรพจน์โน้มน้าวใจขององค์ปาฐกทางรายการ TECHNOLOGY, ENTERTAINMENT AND DESIGN (TED) TALKS
Authors: Nantanat Nanta-aree
นันทนัช นันทอารี
ณัฐภัทร พัฒนา
Burapha University. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Issue Date:  25
Publisher: Burapha University
Abstract: This study was conducted to serve two objectives: to explore the types and frequency of figure of speech in the speeches by the TED Prize winning speakers and to examine the types and frequency of figure of speech found in different moves of the speeches by TED Prize winning speakers. Leigh’s classification of figure of speech (1994) was used as the analysis framework. In dividing the text moves, Biber’s framework of move analysis (2007) was relied upon. The data which were derived from purposive sampling included 23 TED prize winning speeches during 2005-2017. The analysis of figure of speech showed that from all 23 speeches the schemes (92.69%) outnumbered the tropes (7.31%). The three schemes found mostly were anaphora (x= 194, 27.71%), repetition (x = 155, 22.14%), and parallelism (x = 145, 20.71%), and the three tropes found mostly were rhetorical question  (x= 21, 36.84%), allusion (x= 10, 17.54%), and hyperbole and oxymoron equally (x = 5, 8.77%). Regarding the types of figure of speech in the moves (introduction, body, and conclusion), it was found that both tropes and schemes were mostly found in the body (tropes = 68.42%, schemes = 71.32%). In the introduction, tropes were found 15.79% and schemes were found 11.62%, and in the conclusion, tropes and schemes were found 15.79% equally. It can be concluded that figure of speech is a tool used in persuasive speeches by the TED Prize winning speakers and speakers and it is a useful rhetorical device popular among public speakers for them to convince their audiences. 
Description: Master Degree of Arts (M.A.)
ศิลปศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต (ศศ.ม.)
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