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Title: The Moderated Mediating Effect of Social Media Use towards Visit Intention to Thailand among Cambodian Tourists
Authors: Chorn Neardey
ณัฎฐกานต์ พฤกษ์สรนันทน์
Burapha University. Faculty of Management and Tourism
Keywords: Cognitive image
Affective image
Socail Media Use
Destination image
Attitude toward destination
Visit intention
Issue Date:  17
Publisher: Burapha University
Abstract: The purposed of this research is to study casual relationship between destination image, attitude and visit intention of first time-tourist and repeat tourist from Cambodia to Thailand with the moderating effect of social media use in attitude and visit intention. The research is quantitative research. Survey participants is chosen using convenience sampling to collect data from the Cambodian tourists. Using non-probability sampling techniques, with purposive sampling can be reflected accessibility by the survey method, and the questionnaires is distributed to respondents. Researcher distribute the URL link of questionnaire through email and other social media platform as a google form to the samples group directly. Thailand was selected as the tourist destination and 400 surveys collected from Cambodian tourists either first time or repeated by apply Structure equation model for hypothesis testing and interactive term for moderator test. The conceptual model was used in this study as independent variable was Cognitive image, Affective image, Attitude toward destination and social media as Moderator. 
Description: Master Degree of Management (M.M.)
การจัดการมหาบัณฑิต (กจ.ม.)
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