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dc.contributorSayumphon Khumphanen
dc.contributorสยุมพร กุมพันธ์th
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dc.contributor.advisorณัฐภัทร พัฒนาth
dc.contributor.otherBurapha University. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciencesen
dc.descriptionMaster Degree of Arts (M.A.)en
dc.descriptionศิลปศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต (ศศ.ม.)th
dc.description.abstractThis research aimed to explore the individualism reflected through the lyrics of the songs winning the Favorite Songs Prize in American Music Awards and to study the trend of individualism which was reflected through the song lyrics in different decades since 1974-2019. The stimuli were the lyrics of 50 songs (27 pop songs and 23 country songs) winning the Favorite Songs Prize in American Music Awards. Hofstede’s individualism concept was used as the analysis framework of this study. Content analysis was employed for analyzing the data. From the analysis of individualism in pop songs, “Speaking one’s mind is healthy” was the category of individualism found the most while “Everyone is supposed to take care of him or herself and his or her immediate family only” was not found.   From the analysis of country songs, it was similarly found with pop songs that “Speaking one’s mind is healthy” was found the most while “Others classified as individuals” and “Task prevails over relationship” were the two categories found the lowest in the country songs. To search for the trend of value change, it was found that in the 1980s the individualism portrayed through the song lyrics was the most various while during 2016-2019 the concept of individualism was the least various. In conclusion, individualism was a value found in the lyrics of songs winning the Favorite Songs Prize in American Music Awards in different decades. This can be implied that individualism is a concept embedded in American culture, and it is reflected through language which is a tool of verbal communication.en
dc.publisherBurapha University
dc.rightsBurapha University
dc.subjectpop country individualismen
dc.subject.classificationArts and Humanitiesen
dc.titleปัจเจกชนนิยมในเนื้อเพลงที่ได้รับรางวัล AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDSth
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